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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Favorite Things

1 Lululemon Savasana Wrap.  I have it in black & wear it with everything during the fall/winter months.

2  Ugi Ball. This little guy really helps take my workouts to another level by adding extra weight & instability to any exercise.  Wanna try it with me in one of my classes? Check out my schedule

3  Nike Free Running Shoes. If I could, I would have them in every color! I love how lightweight they are and how easy they are to get on and off.

4  Bobble Water Bottle. I'm actually on the lookout for the perfect water bottle for the gym.  I was told about this great one by my best friend, Chanel. It has a filter in it so you can fill it up from any water source and be ready to go. What are you loving?

5  Nike Pants.  I am loving Nike right now, probably has a lot to do with my hubby being sponsored by them:) 

6  Nike Sports Bra. I do love these! Have them in 3 different colors.  Full coverage and support. What more could you ask for?!

7  Nike+ Sportswatch GPS   You will see why I love it.

8  Gymboss Timer.  I would be lost without this.  It is perfect for interval training.  I can set it for 8 rounds of 20 seconds then 10 seconds and I have myself a 4 minute Tabata challange!

9  Lululemon Travel Pooch.  Hands free storage...Enough said!

10  Hair Ties.  Perfect ties to store up on your wrist for that moment when you, or a friend, needs it most. So cute, and doesn't damage your do! 3 for $5 @ Fly Fitness.

11  The Triumph Tote. I am saving up for this as we speak.  I am sure it will be a favorite!

12  Chocolate Milk.  The perfect ending to any hard workout.  It is loaded with great nutrients to helps your body recover and keep your belly flat. LOVE!!!
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