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Friday, June 10, 2011

What's in your fridge?!?!

Owner of Fly Fitness- Traci, asked me a few questions about what's in the Ianni refrigerator....
What's in yours?!?!
Q: Is that mint I see? What do you use it for? What other herbs do you have in there?  
A: it is!!! I love putting it on our blueberries in the morning or in hot tea. Mint is loaded with vitamins and minerals and smells so
amazing to me. I also love basil to top off our pasta and make fresh dips with and cilantro for Mexican salads and soups. Cilantro is also known to help reduce bloating : )

Q:Behind the mint I see the word "Good". What is that? A: it is a big thing of Good Belly, blueberry acai flavor.  
I also have flavored
coconut water that  
i use in smoothies instead of juice or just plain old water.

Q:Tell me about the greens. Is that Kale? Baby Broccoli?
A: We try to get as many dark green in our diet as we can.  
I have a hard time
doing that, so I now put fresh spinach, kale and broccoli in my smoothies with fruit. Tonight I am using the broccolini and makingPersonal Lasagna Rolls with broccolini sticking out.

Q: Do always eat organic?  
A: Not always, but tend to buy organic or natural. I always look at ingredients and stay away from food with more than 5 ingred or things i don't know or cant pronounce. thx to you Traci, I follow the dirty dozen.

Q: I see the wine.  
I don't have a comment on this,  
I just see it. : )  
A: Yes! we
are wine members at Chateau Ste Michelle, so we always have a few yummy bottles on hand!

Q:What are you going to make with that ground turkey? Do you have a recipe for us?
A: The ground turkey will be part of the

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